Toad Warwick

The monthly club shoot is held on the third Friday (evening) of each month from April to September. We shoot a Warwick round at distances to suit the ability of those taking part.

Field Layout

Targets are arranged to encourage people to mix during the shoot. To meet this criteria, the distances are ordered to ensure that no-one shooting any of the Warwick rounds can change distance just by moving to the next target.

The field layout is shown in the diagram below.


One target at each distance (100 yard target moves to 20 yard after two dozen arrows)

Up to 4 archers per target – if the target is full, go to the next round*

*There is a handicap system applied to your score which rewards diversity and imposes a small penalty for shooting the same round each time!

Toad Warwick Handicap

Handicap score system applied to Toad Warwick:

  1. Determine archer’s handicap on their 1st appearance in the event.
  2. On subsequent visits, handicap is reduced by 1 each time the round shot is the same as one shot previously, handicap is increased by 2 each time a new round is shot.
  3. The changes are cumulative and are used to apply ‘allowance for round’ adjustment to the score.
  4. After the last shoot of the year, the winner is determined by calculating the average handicap achieved over the season, calculated on this basis.
  5. Where 2 or more archers have the same resultant score, the greater number of rounds shot, wins; if this is still a draw, then the greatest change in applicable handicap wins.
Archer 1 Archer 2
Month Round Shot Score Handicap Allowance Round Shot Score Handicap Allowance
April New Warwick 295 37 1151 Short Warwick 179 68 1263
May New Warwick 295 37 – 1 = 36 1143 Warwick 120 68 + 2 = 70 1343
June New Warwick 295 36 – 1 = 35 1135 Long Warwick 67 70 + 2 = 72 1401
Total Score:  885 Total Allowance: 3429  Total Score: 366 Total Allowance: 4007

Final Average Handicap Score = (Score Total + Allowance Total) ÷ Number of Rounds Shot

Therefore Archer 1 scores 4314 ÷ 3 = 1438 & Archer 2 scores 4373 ÷ 3 = 1457.67

Archer 2 wins!

Archer 2 gained 41 points from changing targets, Archer 1 lost 24 points by staying on the same target