Handicap Competition


Each club member posts the results of at least one round per month.

The Handicap competition is being run in order to encourage members to regularly shoot rounds and submit scores. Here’s how it works:

  • Every time an archer shoots a recognised round they record the score and other details on their scorecard, which can be found just inside the door of the club hut. For details of recognised rounds see the Rounds section.
  • At the end of every month (April to September inclusive) the scores will be collected and using the archers current handicap each score will be adjusted to give the final score for that round. (The Handicap system works such that archers can shoot any round and still compete with each other because each score is adjusted based on the round shot and the archers current handicap. In theory if an archer shoots a round to exactly their current skill level (i.e. which score the same handicap rating as their current handicap) then the resulting adjusted score will be 1440 regardless of round shot.)
  • Once the adjusted scores have been calculated for all rounds shot that month the archers will be ranked based on their best total score.
  • The top eight adjusted scorers would receive points in the following manner:- 1st -10 points. 2nd – 8 points. 3rd – 6 points. 4th – 5 points. 5th – 4 points. 6th – 3 points. 7th – 2 points. and 8th – 1 point.
  • These points will be totaled up each month and after September’s points are awarded the archer with the top score will be the winner.

At the same time as assessing the entered scores for the competition the archers handicap and classification will also be re-assessed on a rolling basis and posted up in the hut.